1 Princess 1,143
2 Hao de Legendary 717
3 Zero Charisma 678
4 Teresa 659
5 PDZai 402


1 Please use English in ChatRoom or Vendor so everyone can understand

2.Strictly NO real money trading (RMT) in DreamRO, rulebreaker will be punished

3.Do NOT use BOT, 3rd party programme, rulebreaker will be jailed

4.Do NOT use bug to your personal advantage, you will be rewarded reporting a BUG

5.Do NOT impersonate GM or other player

6.GAME MASTER will NEVER ask for your personal ID and password

7.Respect one another, like the way you want to be respected, for a better community

8.Do NOT offer any bribery to any GM for your personal gain

9.Do NOT advertise other server

10.Account share / lending items to other players is at your own risk.

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Jul 24, 2019 14:00:00