Donation Bonus

by Admin on 2019-04-30

If you enjoy playing our server, and wish to offer some help on server's hosting, we do accept offering.

In return, we will provide some credits for your offering, as listed below:

RM 1 = 100 Credit Pts

1 SGD = RM 3 = 300 Credit Pts

1 USD = RM 4 = 400 Credit Pts

RM 100 = 10500 Credit Pts ( +5%)

RM 300 = 34500 Credit Pts ( +15%)

RM 500 = 60000 Credit Pts ( +20%)

Please pm Admin / Page if you wish to offer and they will provide you the respective local bank details.

Thank you =)


Server Launching

by Admin on 2019-04-03

Server will launch on 5th April 6.00pm (GMT+8)

Server Features

by GM_Corgi on 2019-03-17

Normal Drop rate : x200

Mvp/Mini Boss Card : x50 

-Quest-able eqps and Item

-Freebie NPC

-Automated Events

-Hourly Credit NPC

-Daily Reward

-The Casino


-Job Master


-MVP Ladder

-MVP private room

- Hunting Mission

-VIP system

- Battle Arena

-Lotti Girl

- EventShop

- In Game currency : TCG / Pods / Premium Ticket / Zeny

- WoE ( enabled after a month of launching )


by GM_Corgi on 2019-03-13

Please note that we DONT accept donation by 1st of MAY.


Any GM offered you item/eqps in exchange of donation please report to Admin